We are constantly in search of intelligence, namely the faculty of discerning and understanding (from the Latin “inter”: between; “lego”: to choose) but also to produce information with high added value (from the English “intelligence”). 


Our advice will always be frank and uncompromising, driven above all by the desire to build a lasting relationship of trust with all of our partners 


We make a commitment to our customers but also to society. We are a close and available team who are deeply involved on each client. In addition, each year we give 5% of our profits to associations.

Team charter

The entire Gosselin & de Walque team is committed to respecting the charter of values below.

1. The search for intelligence

  • For each mission, whatever the client or the project in question, I will always try to discern and understand in depth the file that is entrusted to me, by taking care to answer the questions: “What?” “Who?” “Where?” “When?” “How? But also “Why?”. 
  • My goal will be not only to meet our clients’ expectations but also to exceed them.
  • I will never hesitate to think outside the box and to be creative and innovative, even if it means upsetting some stakeholders, in order to have a positive impact for our clients.
  • For each deliverable or process, regardless of its recipient or format, I will ensure that I produce high value-added information, customized to the specific needs and objectives of each client.  
  • I will seek to convince the various target audiences through concrete elements, stories and emotion. I will be allergic to empty concepts.
  • I will remove every superfluous word and phrase from any production, aiming for maximum simplicity, clarity and conciseness. 
  • I will remain curious and attentive to the evolution of theories and practices in my field of activity. I will not hesitate to ask for training or to propose interesting contents, for myself or for all my colleagues.

2. Candor

  • I will offer to all our clients and partners, whatever their title or function, frank and uncompromising advice, driven above all by the desire to build a lasting relationship of trust with them. However, I will of course make sure to listen to and respect my client’s choices.
  • I will say “thank you” and “bravo” to my colleagues, partners or clients, each time a “thank you” or a “bravo” is deserved.
  • I will be direct, open and respectful with all my interlocutors, whatever their title or function. I will take care to banish any condescension or arrogance both in my words and in my attitude.
  • I will actively involve all of our clients’ internal teams. I will take their opinion into account and I will never try to put them down.  
  • I will not be afraid to acknowledge and fully assume my mistakes, trying to propose each time concrete solutions to solve them. I am aware that, within the Gosselin & de Walque team, the right to make mistakes is a reality.  Admitting one’s mistake is indeed an opportunity to do better next time.
  • I will not be afraid to question myself and I will accept criticism as a positive element, which allows me to grow and evolve. In the same way, I will never hesitate to come up with new ideas – no matter how crazy or incongruous – and/or constructive criticism of all my colleagues, especially the co-founders and partners.

3. Commitment

  • I will commit 100% to each project, to each client and to our company, regardless of the budget or the size of the assignment.
  • I will ensure the highest quality of my productions, both in content and form.
  • I will take care to protect the balance between my professional and my family life, notably by disconnecting completely when I am on a break. However, I understand that in our business, there may be crisis situations where our clients need us urgently. In such situations, I will stand by my colleagues.
  • I will make sure that each mission complies not only with Belgian and international regulations but also with the principles that are essential to our team: equality, solidarity, freedom and the refusal of any discrimination.