Strategy, communication, crisis management: Gosselin & de Walque offers you high-level advice and support for both the development and the concrete implementation.

Whether you need to define a strategy, manage change, promote a project, raise awareness of your company or institution or overcome a crisis, we help you at every stage taking care to integrate your objectives and constraints. In absolute discretion and with a deep sense of ethics. 

Our fields of intervention are as large as your imagination.

We work with a wide range of clients: CEOs and entrepreneurs; large companies, SMEs, and start-ups; governments, Ministers and public institutions; and NGOs and associations.

Our clients are active in many sectors, such as tech, industry, finance, energy, environment pharma, telecom, real estate, infrastructure, and hospitality.


Whether it is to draft an annual or multi-year plan, oversee its implementation or prepare for a major change. So many challenges for with we offer personalized advice, based on decades of experience in strategic jobs.

  • Design / supervision / evaluation of annual and multi-year plans
  • Needs analysis, definition of objectives, and recommendations
  • Transformation / change strategies 
  • Influence
  • Strategic intelligence reports
  • Positioning, story-telling, and message development
  • Coordination of projects

Executive advisory

We have had important jobs and have advised high-level personalities, including during very difficult times. We understand their needs and anticipate their demands. We offer them long term, concrete solutions, from message positioning and image building to managing their brand and communications. 

  • Strategic advice and personalized support 
  • Support for transformation strategies/ Change management
  • Risk analysis
  • Content strategy and message development
  • Public speaking 
  • Media training 
  • LinkedIn strategy


When a crisis occurs, every minute counts. We are proactive and seasoned crisis management and communications experts, and we help you to quickly craft efficient messages and inform the media, your clients, and other relevant target audiences. We also assist you in designing your risk management strategy and protecting your reputation.

  • Crisis preparation and management
  • Crisis communications
  • Reputation
  • Litigation
  • Security
  • Risk analysis and assessment/ Development of preventive scenarios
  • Post-crisis recommendations

Companies and institutions

An idea, a project, a reform or a cause only makes sense if the public knows about them but, most importantly, is correctly informed. We help you to design and implement the best strategies in order to make your voice heard, make a difference, and convince the right audience

  • Strategic and operational plan
  • Recruitment and team support
  • Internal communication
  • Public relations and media strategy
  • Media training 
  • Content writing
  • Digital strategy

Digital strategy

We offer our in-depth knowledge of digital media, from social media management to relations with e-influencers, in order to design the digital strategy that will have the highest impact. We are aware of your constraints and offer you the tools that best suit your needs. 

  • Social media: audit and strategy
  • LinkedIn for executives
  • Content development 
  • E-reputation / e-influence
  • Management of influencers


We live in a complex world, with a multiplicity of stakeholders: companies, labor unions, governments, institutions, media,  influencers, etc. Too often, these different worlds do not know and understand each other well. We help you develop and implement positive and long-term relationships with all your stakeholders. 

  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Influence strategies
  • Message development
  • Strategic intelligence reports

Public relations

What do you say to the press? How? And to whom? We have an extensive knowledge of and experience with the media. We help you build and maintain efficient public relations based on mutual trust and respect. 

  • Media strategy and planning 
  • Public relations advice
  • Organization of events for the media